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love from the community

"SBTL is an inclusive community that has come to serve as my favorite 'touchpoint' for immense personal growth and expansion. I'd long believed I had to travel across the world or live in a cave to gain the type of insights that would really shift my state of being-- luckily, my 'cave' is right on Pearl Street. Their ability to translate ancient (timeless) wisdom into a modern context is truly first class."


"The Subtle Mind is a transformational space. Every time I go to a workshop or event here, I leave feeling completely refreshed and with a full heart. The Subtle Mind feels like a second home and is my favorite place to gather with community. It is unlike any other place in Boulder and is truly a gem in our town."





Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation is an effortless mantra (sound/vibration) based technique for people who are of this world living modern everyday lives. This simple technique causes the mind to naturally de-excite leading the body to experience deep rest. Result: you become more adaptable. 


From music to mala-making, dance to money mindset, creative writing to ayurveda, breathwork to spa rituals, all our workshops are based in practices that enhance the subtle mind, body, + energy. Our workshops empower you to embody conscious living.


Classes are recurring offerings that are steeped in yogic technologies or eastern tradition. Every week we offer Gong, Breathwork, Mantra, and Meditation classes. Whether you're looking for relaxation or activation, we have a class for you.


our vision


The Subtle Mind is a knowledge + lecture-based drop-in studio with a holistic approach to
developing the subtle mind, body, + energy through yogic technologies. We believe 'Yoga' is everything in life. The yogic system was designed to be all inclusive and full spectrum. We are here to educate, inform, transform and raise the collective state of consciousness. We offer Vedic Meditation courses, conscious living workshops + events, kirtan, art, and sound meditation.