As we deepen our twice a day effortless practice our curiosity for the knowledge of the wisdom of life begins to occur, refinement of the mind happens and we normalize the meditative state so it becomes natural. Through this experience one naturally moves towards more evolution by acquiring the necessary tools, techniques and knowledge to expand ones present moment awareness so we are able to become the need of the time. We offer many different courses to expand, sharpen, refine ones state of consciousness that aids in deep healing, moving beyond limitation, mental + emotional stability, physical wellness and stepping into our truest Nature.

photo by  Hans Valor

photo by Hans Valor

Rounding workshop

What is Rounding?

Industrial-Strength Meditation

Rounding is a systematic procedure derived from the ancient Veda* that's designed to purify the mind and body at the deepest level. This process consists of a specific sequence of easy yoga poses (asanas), balancing breath work (pranayama), meditation, and horizontal rest.

The simplicity and efficiency of the technique produces powerful results. Performing the proper progression with the correct intention allows deeper rooted stresses to release and brings the nervous system back into balance.

Effortless purification of the mind and body through Rounding can bring you to a greater state of happiness, clarity and peace more quickly. Practicing multiple Rounds on this retreat weekend will be equivalent to 3-6 months of meditation.

It's easy to learn regardless of your physical fitness and you can incorporate this advanced practice into your daily life at home for enhanced benefits.

This is an in depth 5 hrs workshop with knowledge of the technique, the five koshas, how it brings wholeness to an individual, perspective of Nishkam Karma Yoga, sequence break down and one guided ‘Round’. This is an advanced technique and tool that can be used to deepen ones evolution.

Prerequisites: This course is exclusively for Vedic meditators who have completed the 4-day Intro to Vedic Meditation Course.

Cost: $150, 5 hr workshop

Time: TBA or look on vedic meditation courses

Info on upcoming Rounding Retreats

photo by  Ladd Forde

photo by Ladd Forde


The word VEDA is from the root, ‘vid’, to know. Veda means knowledge. Knowledge of what? Knowledge of life. The Vedas are concerned with completeness of life, life as a whole and also in part. There are four Vedas: Rig, Sama, Yajur, Atharva. In order to give you some fundamental knowledge of Vedas we would lay out the fundamental of life, fundamental of creation. Life as we know is universal, it has two aspects (Absolute & relative). We would remind you of the four classifications of a tree: the outer tree, the root, the nourishment of which the root is made and the earth from which the nourishment comes. There are four different fields of life: outer body and all the surroundings that are the gross material field of life, mental sphere of life or the inner man, and then the individual pure intelligence. The basis of pure individual intelligence is the Cosmic Life, the Absolute Being which we gain through transcendence in the vedic meditation technique. Meditation is a process to experience the subtle state of the thought and arrive at the source of thought. The source of thought is the field of infinite energy and intelligence. There is that pure intelligence that is experienced. All four different fields of life are fields of knowledge. The Vedas deal with these.

In this program you will experience six weekend non-residential course retreats filled with Ayurvedic food, community and 78 hrs of recorded instruction from Yashoda’s Guru that she facilitates in a lively manner. This program usually is a 2 yr journey. The knowledge covered delves deeply into the Veda as well as receiving advanced techniques taught by Yashoda Devi Ma that allows for the individual to refine their minds into the subtle states and perceive life on a whole new level.

Students of The Veda Course learn techniques for deepening meditation, for correcting the mistaken intellect allowing for one to live through their heart and manifest a life of true fulfillment.


This course is made up of 6 installments which must be taken sequentially.  Each installment is curated as a nonresidential retreat which happens on a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday all-day.  This nonresidential retreat format means the students come together with Yashoda Devi Ma at her private residence to do the rounding technique together, listen to the lectures, workshop the teachings as a community + share Ayurvedic organic vegetarian meals.

This course starts several times throughout the year so there are many opportunities to leap in and get going.   Your commitment would not be to the entire series, rather to each individual weekend. The basis for moving to the next level is contingent on feeling naturally inspired to do so.

The complete program consists of six installments.  Each installment is conducted in a non-residential setting over a weekend in the following format:

Friday     –      5.00pm to 9.30pm

Saturday –   7am to 9pm

Sunday    –    7am to 9pm

Completion of The Veda Course installments 1-6 is a prerequisite to become trained as an Initiator - a teacher of Vedic Meditation. 


In order to participate in The Veda Course you must have taken 'Introduction to Vedic Meditation Course', be actively practicing meditation and have at least one 'Round Workshop' or Weekend Rounding Retreat.   

Course Fee

Each class is $600 including all tuition, notes, sattvic meals, sweets and teas.  A $100 non-refundable deposit must be made prior to the course running (this is to insure your spot and food order).  

Prerequisites: This course is exclusively for Vedic meditators who have completed the ‘4-day Intro to Vedic Meditation Course’ + ‘Rounding workshop’ and/or retreat.



Twenty-seven centuries ago, Patanjali, the great Seer (maharishi) of Vedic meditation, cognized his masterpiece, The Yoga Sutras. Very few masters have fathomed the truth of Patanjali's teaching and consequently it faded into obscurity until recent times.

A ‘sutra’ is a consciousness formula. It’s also where we get the English word ‘suture’ from, meaning a stitch. ‘Yoga’ is the experience of the unity of one's individual mind with the cosmic mind. Therefore the Yoga Sutras are powerful techniques for stitching the individual mind to the cosmic mind. This results in achieving the height of human potential and mastery of the laws of nature.

A 'siddhi' is an extraordinary human power. This course develops the siddhis within your own consciousness and gives you the ability to interact with and master the laws of nature. It's also a powerful way of mastering manifestation. Once mastered, the siddhis are considered to be the most powerful advanced technique in a meditator's repertoire.

Prerequisites: This course is exclusively for advanced Vedic meditators. The prerequisites for Siddhi’s Program is completion of installments 1-6 of The Veda Course.

The Mastering the Siddhis course is taught in six installments. The first five installments consist of approximately seven and a half hours of training each and comprise a series of recorded instructions and lectures by Yashoda’s Guru. The 6th installment is taught in a retreat setting.

Each of the installments will give you a new practice with enormous lifelong benefit and can be enjoyed without the necessity to complete all 6 installments. However the course must be completed in sequential order as one installment leads naturally into the next.

Completion of The Veda Course installments 1-6 + The Siddhi’s Program 1-6 is a prerequisite to become trained as an Initiator - a teacher of Vedic Meditation.

$1000 per installment

Time: TBA or on vedic meditation courses

Installment 6 taught on weekend retreat or private (TBA)

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In the yog tantric tradition the Dasha Mahavidyas represent the supreme expression of the sacred feminine. They represent the 10 fundamental expressions of enlightened living. This advanced practice helps us embody the supreme wisdom emanating from the absolute indivisible self-making enlightened living a reality. This sadhana is the continuous teaching of the sacred feminine and constitutes one of the highest teachings of tantra. Participants in this course will receive initiation into the advanced sadhana for invoking the qualities of the Dasha Mahavidyas into their lives. Program can occur in 1-on-1, group and/or retreat setting.

Pre requisite: a consistent vedic meditation practice for a minimum of one year, 1 advanced technique & veda 1 + 2

Intro to

1-on-1 Initiation

Cost: $500/initiation

Complete program: $5000

Initiation format includes: scheduling a private 3 hour session, puja (you will bring fruits + flowers for offering), guided practice

2 follow up 1 hr sessions include: next day follow up with Q&A about the practice + 1 week later follow up session

Group Initiation - 10 week program (5 people or more)

Once a week intensive for 10 weeks

Cost: $250/week

Package x 10 $2500

4-day Intro to Initiation of Dasha Mahavidya Retreat


4-day Deep Dasha Mahavidya Rounding Retreat