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v i t a l i t y : crystals, what they are + how they work w trey lupton

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in this workshop explore what makes crystals special + why they can assist in creating lasting embodied changes in our individual lives + the universe. gain functional embodied knowledge of the inner workings of solid crystals. connect through intuition + amplify signals emitted by your DNA crystal. learn techniques to communicate between DNA crystal + solid or earth crystal.

t u e s d a y

n o v 13

6-7:30 p m


a b o u t . t r e y 

trey has been creating crystal companions for over a decade. in that time, he has become a channel for listening to messages from both minerals + human DNA. he began offering workshops as part of his quest for radical personal responsibility. he pioneers research on the connection between crystals + DNA, as well as how to use this information to achieve + maintain a flow state. most importantly, he is a loving father.