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v i t a l i t y : sattva yoga journey to move beyond addiction + limitation w gordon roach

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Have you felt disconnection within yourself ? Are you unconsciously causing stress in your life? You might consider looking deeper at patterns you've been engaging in. Addiction is anything you continue to do, despite harmful consequences. This could be as innocent as staying up late, scrolling on your phone, procrastination, gluttony... Take a moment. What resonates within you? In this definition, we are all in recovery from something.

This journey into wholeness will focus on releasing coping mechanisms. By engaging in evolutionary action, Kriya; I invite you open up to the possibility of changing your state of being, no longer remaining stuck in a frequency of addiction.

These Tantric Kriya techniques create both, physiological and evolutionary responses within the body, through *Pure Energy* We will cleanse the body on a cellular level, releasing inhibitions and move past addictions. R.A.D. Journey will invoke Mantra, Meditation, Breath, Sacred movement, Freedom, and Kriya yoga.

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nov 27


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Having battled addiction throughout early adulthood, Gordie Roach rediscovered his light through yoga as a tool to tune into his higher self and spiritual community. He is a second-generation yoga and meditation teacher, having studied yoga and arts in Santa Cruz CA; he has pilgrimaged to India twice studying among master teachers Tommy Rosen and Anand Mehrotra. Gordon holds certification in H2Yo Paddleboard yoga and is an 500hr RYT, specializing in Sattva yoga. He mentors recovering addicts and alcoholics in yoga philosophy and techniques.