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b o d y : marma therapy + body alignment w youssef benbrahim

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Marmas are centers of vital-force (prana) that fuel our physical + psychological processes. Learn Ayurveda’s timeless massage science + apply the knowledge in hands on treatments. Clear nadis (channels) + allow the body to reawaken its natural self-healing capacity. Through manipulation of marmas, prana can be directed to remove blockages + improve energy flow. Dive into pranic exercises to release vata (stagnant air) from joints, realigns spinal, + chakra balance.

$20 online/ $25 at the door

a b o u t Y o u s s e f

Youssef Benbrahim is an ayurvedic practitioner, marma therapist and monk in the Krishna-bhakti tradition of ancient India. He has dedicated the past five years to studying and sharing yoga philosophy, mantra meditation (kirtan), marma chikitsa therapy (for channel-clearing and psychophysical balance) and India’s ancient health system, Ayurveda. He has studied under master teachers while living in India and in ashrams across the U.S. His hope is to make these Vedic self-healing technologies accessible to those looking to integrate a deeper sense of wellness, balance and clarity of living.