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v i t a l i t y : portal to intuition w pavanjeet singh + victoria larkins

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In numerology, the number 1 indicates new beginnings. A series of 1s, like on 11/11, creates a portal to awaken to a new potential + perspective. Pavanjeet Singh will lead a kundalini yoga meditation to open our portal of intuition + suspend our awareness in the conscious field of unlimited potential. We will have the opportunity to step into a wider spectrum of our truth, release lifetimes of karma + habitual patterning + shift into a higher frequency. Eleven is the sound current of Infinity + sound is one of the most powerful ways we can heal ourselves. After meditation Victoria Larkins will lead a yin yoga sequence designed to recalibrate the energy in our physical body + rewire our nervous system. Pavanjeet will play the sound bowls + gong to nourish our shift on the cellular level. Leave with an upgraded perception + deeper connection to yourself.