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v i t a l i t y : ritual reset w/ jonah jensen

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Rhythm has been used since ancient times to support deep rebalancing, healing, transformation + insight. Our bodies naturally harmonize + synchronize to polyrhythmic sound. There is a way to drum from the heart, while creating sacred space, that all can rest into. This is an opportunity for community renewal + individual evolution. A powerful + simple ceremony to revive soul, health + culture. 


Led by Jonah Jensen: biodynamic craniosacral therapist, somatic experiencing practitioner, polarity practitioner, ceremonialist + founder of Earthwaysjourneys. Jonah’s background in trauma work, energy medicine + ancient healing is the well that he draws from to help others. Having graduated from The Colorado School of Energy Studies, The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, + The Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts, as well as direct learning from indigenous elder healers + teachers across the globe, Jonah offers his skill, passion and presence from his connection with the spirit of the natural world.