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v i t a l i t y : journey to destroy your narrative

you are not your mind

you are not its history  

you are not the stories you create

destroying your narrative is liberating you from the false self. the ego. these daily, habitual patterns one engages in, reminding themselves of who they are, limits to a specific positionality.  

sohum- i am that, that i am

we are boundless spiritual beings, having a physical experience in space and time. doing these evolutionary, transcendent practices give us access to experience as the experiencer. dance, as the dancer. 

there are no problems where there are none you've made up for yourself. the yogi experiences life as the way; not resistant to challenge as it arises. as one cultivates greater detachment to ones positionally and narrative, they will naturally gain more freedom in themselves and capacity to liberate others. 

the practice:

sattva yoga- integrative practice incorporating all forms of yoga in dance, play, movement, devotion, mantra, breath, group, and evolutionary action.  originating in the lower himalayas from multiple rishis and masters, presented in the form of sattva yoga, translating to balanced, clear physiology. 

cost $15 + processing fee

come as you are