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w i s d o m : understanding human design w danielle madden

human design is a powerful tool that connects you to your true self. the self you came onto this planet being, before all of the conditioning you picked up throughout your life. combining the tools of western astrology, the chinese i-ching, kabbalistic tree of life and the chakra system, human design creates an entirely new system that’s here to realign you with exactly who you are meant to be. it is a way of allowing your bodies intelligence to guide you. understanding your chart allows you to identify and transcend the conditioning that has moved you away from your true self and gives you the permission and inspiration to live as the most authentic, uninhibited version of yourself.

in this workshop, we will dive deep into what human design is and all the ways it can impact your life and energy- work, decision making, food, relationships, etc. we will talk about the 5 main types as well as the other key aspects of your chart.


$25 + processing fee

Earlier Event: February 24
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