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vitality: black tourmaline brain cleanse meditation w victoria larkins

join the subtle mind co-founder, sattva yoga teacher + reiki crystal facial reflexologist victoria larkins for a sunday of letting go of what no longer serves + aligning our mind with our more relevant truth.  black tourmaline acts like a black hole sucking negative energy, density, irrelevant behaviors + thinking patterns into it, without ever needing to be cleansed. dissolve stress chemistry + electromagnetic field damage working with black tourmaline throughout breath work, meditation, and lie down sound bath.

 we will begin with breath work designed to purify the body of any stuck energy, awaken our flow of creative intelligence + bring the nervous system into a receptive space. next we will move into a brain cleanse meditation designed to activate + sync all the major centers of the brain. when we bring the brain into total cohesion we are able to process on a higher level, completing unfinished emotional waves + blocked traumas. this ultimately frees the brain up with more space to experience in the now from a fresh + adaptable place. we will end with a lie down sound bath with quartz sound bowls with your individual black tourmaline stone laying on your body. 


$20 + processing fee

*option to purchase your own black tourmaline chunk (+ $36) or borrow ours

 reserve your spot online only
pop up to follow with crystals + victoria’s jewelry company sankalpa.