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b l i s s : free heart wisdom concert w tessie + kelly mccabe

s o u n d . h e a l i n g . h e a r t


tessie +  kelly mccabe from flagstaff, az
will be giving a talk about geobiology and their work around the world followed by a “heart wisdom concert”. in this concert, the songs, the mantras, the instruments are all designed to bring balance and harmony to all who hear the music.

the instruments are all tuned to the frequency of the earth, which is c#. the monochord opens to the angelic realms and as they play and sing, the necessary frequencies for each person comes into their energy field bringing healing, peace and calmness. the native american drum and flutes bring the shamanic energy of the ancient ones connecting you back to nature grounding you deep into the heart of mother earth. the shakuhachi flute and the hand pan raise your consciousness to unity or christ consciousness and you can experience oneness and your connectedness to all life in such a beautiful and powerful way. the mantras, that they sing, are prayers that remove fear, bring protection, good health, longevity and prosperity into your lives.

“this concert of the heart is an amazing healing experience. divine music and love is all we need. thank you so much for this opportunity to share our music and our hearts". 


tessie and kelly mccabe have been together for about 20 years sharing their lives, their music, their sound healing, their spiritual teachings and their love for mother earth all over the world; in the usa, canada, south america, europe, egypt, china and taiwan.


tessie was a merkaba meditation teacher for the flower of life, egyptian mystery school since 1998. this same year, she also began her work with geobiology, clearing the earth from pollution, negative frequencies by raising the consciousness of the land, air and water through sacred geometry, quantum tools, sacred sound, mantras, sacred soils and waters. in 2015 she began teaching her new course ”heart wisdom - heal yourself, heal the earth, become the love you want to see in the world”, helping people to begin to live and create their lives from their heart.

kelly mccabe, musician and sound healer, was as a young man, a monk in india for 15 years in the hindu vedantic tradition of sri ramakrishna and swami vivekananada. he is the owner of the shop sacred rites and founder of the temple of the divine mother in flagstaff, az. 

in july 2013 tessie and kelly participated in the concert for healing the waters in sedona with masaro emoto. in december 2013, they were invited by peking university in beijing to perform in a concert to raise the ecological consciousness of the chinese people. since this first concert, they have been going to china twice a year to work with the environment. they were also contracted by the brazilian olympic committee to clear the waters in rio for the 2016 olympics