victoria larkins

Victoria Larkins is the co-founder of The Subtle Mind and founder + designer of jewelry line Sankalpa LLC. She has taught and managed yoga studios in Boulder, CO for the last decade. She is a certified teacher of sattva yoga, yoga nidra, yin yoga, hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, anjali restorative, and the lagree method. She studied Business Marketing + Psychology at CU Boulder.

Victoria spent her adolescence dealing with a severe eating disorder, addiction, suicidal depression + anxiety.  She found yoga while in recovery and it became the one place where she could move beyond her obsessive thinking + reconnect with her aliveness that she had lost due to years of trauma. She began to experience freedom through the practice as she surrendered control and attachment. Yoga became less about the gross aspects and more about the subtle experience within.

She realized yoga was a vehicle to healing deep trauma, addiction, etc. She began teaching yoga to play with this realization.  Through this a passion sparked within her heart to guide others to experience the same aliveness.

Victoria attended Naropa University to attain a Masters of Arts in Somatic Psychology + interned at the Play Therapy Institute for children. She studied under Lisa Dion, the founder of Synergetic Play Therapy and pioneer in the field of children psychology + therapy. There she studied the human body-mind connection and found healing is most potent when on the cellular level. 

In 2012, Victoria traveled to Rishikesh, India to explore the source and system of yoga on a deeper level. There she discovered Sattva Yoga, a holistic system including all branches of yoga designed to teach one how to master their energy. Victoria met Yashoda Devi Ma in India and shortly after learned vedic meditation from her. Since then she continues to go to India to further develop her training.

Victoria lived with Yashoda to care for her son and learn first hand from her teacher. The experience of observing of her guru in every day life showed her how to stabilize the mind and live more consciously. From her studies in India and having lived with her guru she began to understand the need for receiving universal wisdom and integrating it into an actual living experience.
As vedic meditation healed her, she began to access massive creativity.  In 2014, Victoria founded the conscious jewelry line Sankalpa.  This launched her into becoming a young woman entrepreneur with a conscious company.  It was her practice that allowed her to embrace the unknown, create and give to world on a level that felt deeply rooted in intentional living, ritual and wearing jewelry to activate ones consciousness.  Her passion for living radically alive + honoring our heart’s wisdom shows through her jewelry line.

In 2016 Victoria created an online platform called, The Sankalpa Sisterhood. The vision is to empower women to connect on a deeper level  by living intentionally + actualizing the power in their heart.

The experience of Victoria's Vedic meditation practice has inspired her to share this message with the world:  Our heart is the source of the greatest wisdom and we need a clear mind to listen to it.

In 2017, Victoria partnered with her meditation teacher Yashoda Devi Ma to open up The Subtle Mind Meditation + Conscious Living Center. This for her marks the merging of mind health + heart living.



Her teaching style is holistic and all inclusive, incorporating yoga asana, breath work, yin, yoga nidra, bhakti, mantra, sound healing, crystals, and wisdom. Victoria leads new moon circles in town and works with clients on an individual basis to design a personalized sadhana practice. She believes in the potency of daily ritual and empowering her clients with the tools to experience beyond their habitual ways of being and to frictionlessly embrace the unknown.

yashoda devi ma

Yashoda Devi Ma is the co-founder of The Subtle Mind, founder of Cosmic Women’s Tribe and a master teacher of Vedic Meditation, Sattva Yoga.  For almost two decades she has studied under the guidance of her two Gurus in India. 

Yashoda studied Psychology/Western Literature at Western Oregon University. Later becoming a Fitness Expert and Lifestyle Consultant in Beverly Hills, Ca for 13 years.  She worked with physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors, celebrities, etc and was known for postural realignment.  She is certified in STOTT Pilates, AFFA, ACSM, NASM, and EatWize.  Her meditation and yoga training has been extensively in the Himalayas of India.

The first quarter of Yashoda's life was focused on the wellness of the body, intuitive eating, fitness, power and functional training.  Having been an athlete most of her life it was her body that lead her to seek more deeply into healing on multiple levels. Through her career of working with body transformation she discovered when one has a deep willingness to go beyond their limits magic happens. She became fascinated by humans tremendous capability of healing when accessed through...

mind -> emotions -> thought into body (cellular level). 

As a young girl she struggled with deep depression, grief (from being adopted), suicidal and obsessive recycled thinking. She knew mastery of the mind was essential for the human spirit to thrive yet did not know where to find the knowledge her heart desired.  Yashoda realized body wellness and psychology by western standards was limited.  So she decided to leave the fitness industry seeking depth for more in life. She completely disappeared off the map to journey into the mind/consciousness.  After 10 years of deep meditation, fasting, healing, supreme knowledge, panchakarma, numerous travels to India, living with her meditation Guru, traveling the world observing the Vedic teachings, and becoming a mother she plunged back into life as a Vedic Meditation & Sattva Yoga teacher.  

Through her experience of healing and moving beyond her stories she knew she would dedicate her life to teaching those who felt drawn to end their own personal suffering, activate their happiness, potential and live through most their most authentic Self.

Her love and gratitude for these powerful, healing yogic technologies has become her greatest passion and  joy to give to those who ready + willing.



The foundation of Yashoda’s teachings is to live through pure mind/thinking and wisdom of the heart. She uses the yogic technologies she has practiced and been trained in for the last 15 years. The technique's allow for an individual to become simple, natural, innocent, effortless in meditation, yoga and every aspect life if one simply does the twice a day practice.  Her focus is to bring‘Yoga - Union of Self’ alive through direct experience of transcendence (going beyond the limitation of individual thinking) through Vedic Meditation/Sattva Yoga so one is able to actualize as well as stabilize a baseline of true happiness that is not attached to anything and established in source of everything.  

She  teaches her students how to have a direct experience beyond their own individual thinking, 5 senses and tap into the Source of all Being.  When one goes beyond the stress, memory body/mind they enter into the pure consciousness state where one experiences 'Supreme Inner Contentment' (I am happy for no dang reason) through the effortless technique - Vedic Meditation. When this is being accessed twice a day, every day life begins to radically shift into a blissful state.

She uses Vedic Meditation as the path to mastering ones mind and Sattva Yoga to become a master of ones energy. The combination of both brings balance and harmony to mind, body + energy making it a holistic approach to wellness. 



Sattva Yoga is a holistic, ever-evolving practice that combines asana, pranayama, meditation, kriya, bhakti and wisdom.  Uniting all branches of yoga to heal, move beyond and live in radical aliveness.   

Vedic Meditation - Nishkam Karma Yoga is the union of individual and cosmic aspects of oneself (Yoga) attained by (Nishkam Karma) action hardly done, that is, "done" with effortlessness, faintness [subtlety], and non-attachment, these three being Vedic Meditations technique of mantra use.



Yashoda is based in Boulder, Co at The Subtle Mind and travels all over the world doing lectures, festivals, courses, workshops, retreats and conferences.  She teaches regularly in Colorado (Boulder, Aspen, Denver), New York (Manhattan), California (Los Angeles, Sonoma), Arizona (Sedona), India, Mexico (Tulum) and Australia.  Her main offerings include:  '4-Day Intro to Vedic Meditation Courses’, advanced Veda courses, and Siddhis courses, Cosmic Women’s Tribe, Cosmic Full Moon's, Vedic Meditation group meditation + lectures, Sattva Yoga women’s workshops/retreats, Vedic Meditation retreats (public/private), women + men empowerment and consulting conscious businesses.

She works privately mentoring individuals on how to enhance their creative intelligence, end personal suffering, activate full mental potential, identify irrelevant patterns (emotional, mental, physical)  and align one with their truest nature/purpose.  

Yashoda teaches/lectures at Yoga Festivals/Conferences internationally.  She has been featured at Evolve Yoga Festival (Bryon Bay, Australia/2016), Firefly Forest Gathering (USA/2013, 2015), Sedona Yoga Festival (USA/2016, 2017), Sister Winds Festival (USA/2015), Hanuman Yoga Festival (USA/2016, 2017, 2018) and Sattva Summit (Rishikesh, INDIA/2017, 2018). 

She has graced the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine, been featured in Yoga Journal, SF Yoga Magazine, INFATURATION luxury Magazine, Boulder Lifestyle Magazine  and will be featured in an upcoming documentary, The Road to Dharma.


Photo Credit by Ladd Forde for Boulder Lifestyle Magazine