Private Sessions

with Yashoda Devi Ma


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Private Mentoring sessions

SINGLE SESSION: 30 mins= $75 // 60 mins= $150 // 90 mins= $225 // 120 mins= $300


Essence Readings (Vedic astrology)

This session is pulled from the knowledge of your Vedic Astrology. It is designed to enlighten you on the essence of your being, learning about patterns, tendencies, hearing the full value of the energies in your life and the sequence of energy moving in and out of your life.

40-60 mins= $150

vedic meditation
Sharing the community’s experience with 
Vedic Meditation
Posted @withrepost • @jessie.infinity
Changed my life forever
And continues to leave me in complete awe
Humbled and totally alive
I truly did not understand what 
B L I S S 
Really was
Or what I could be
In every moment
No matter the circumstances
I am so blessed to have found this practice
Thank you @yashodadevima & @thesubtlemind 
I am eternally grateful

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Personal Sadhana Session

This session follows a private mentoring and/or Essence Reading. It is designed for you to use daily for a specific amount of time that is unique to the practice itself.

60 mins = $300


Guided Breathwork + Meditation Session

This session is sequenced specific to your vedic astrology chart and what is needed to be enhanced in this present moment.

30 mins = $54 // 60 mins = $108


Correcting the Intellect Session

This session is curated to your specific needs + questions of understanding, expanding beyond on limiting thinking + beliefs and hearing the knowledge of Veda which aligns with Nature (Natural Laws of Nature). Raising ones awareness, breaking unconsciousness behaviors and aligning with the Laws of Nature.

30 mins = $85 // 60 mins = $185