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STEP ONE: sign up + attend a FREE 1 HR INTRO TALK TO VEDIC MEDITATION * required 


the introduction is a free one hour lecture and question/answer session designed for anyone interested in learning more about vedic meditation — a simple, effortless and highly beneficial practice that absolutely anyone can learn. topics will include the technique’s origins, an overview of the mechanics of the practice itself, its benefits (including reduction of stress and an increase in energy and peace of mind), and how to learn. this talk is required before taking the full four-day course in vedic meditation. vedic meditation is derived from the veda, the 5,000 year old body of wisdom and source of yoga and ayurvedic medicine.  during meditation, one experiences inner wakefulness beyond thought. meditators describe this state as supreme inner contentment. the restfulness accompanying meditation is considerably deeper than that gained by sleeping. this profound rest allows deep-rooted stresses to dissolve naturally, bringing innumerable health benefits to the individual.the integration of bliss consciousness and deeper levels of rest with one’s dynamic daily activity allows the meditator to become less stressed, more creative, more productive, and more adaptable to the demands of life.

STEP TWO: after attending an INTRO TALK sign up for the next 4-DAY INTRO TO VEDIC MEDITATION COURSE

through vedic meditation, the body reaches a state of profound rest which allows for deep-rooted stresses to dissolve naturally bringing innumerable health benefits to the individual. when an individual is able to achieve optimal amount of rest through meditation it creates a mind and body to be stress free. you will be able to take on more demand + thrive within challenge without putting the pressure on our mind, body + nervous system. learn how to optimize our energy levels allowing your performance levels to increase + your creativity to flow naturally. with a consistent meditation practice, you can begin to experience more clarity, intuition, creativity, energy, adaptation, and wellness, with a baseline of happiness.


please note the vedic meditation courses run for 4 consecutive days,  each session lasting about 2 hours

(8 hours total). you must attend all 4 days because each day's curriculum builds on the previous day.

day 1 : group initiation session - puja ceremony, receive your mantra + simple instruction in a group setting

day 2 : group session - mantra : how to use it + its components

day 3 : group session - mind/body connection understanding stress release as well as deep experiences

day 4 : group session - states of consciousness - expansion + human potential


welcome to the community of worldwide vedic meditators. your onetime course investment fee + completion of the 4-day Intro to Vedic Meditation Course makes you officially a vedic meditator who can attend the following:

  • REFRESHER COURSE - sit in and retake the in the Intro Course for a lifetime. this means you can attend Day 2, 3,4 or all sessions to refresh + expand your practice anytime offered by Yashoda Devi Ma or any Vedic Meditation teacher worldwide.

  • GROUP MED + TUNE UP Q’s - at THE SUBTLE MIND every Wednesday night from 6-7p we have group meditation with tune up questions that you can attend and/or tune in to Facebook live (private FB page for vedic meditators only) for a lifetime. If you are traveling and find a vedic meditation teacher’s weekly group med’s you are free to attend those as well. It’s a worldwide network.

  • GROUP MED + EXTENDED KNOWLEDGE MEETING - at THE SUBTLE MIND 1 or 2 Sunday’s out of every month there is 2 hr our offering of community tea time, group med + 1 hr knowledge meeting given. This too applies to traveling and going to other Vedic Meditation teachers knowledge meetings.