yashoda devi ma


a little of my story…

Sixteen years ago I was living in Los Angeles working in the fitness industry. Wellness + transformation has always been my deepest passion with a strong curiosity to spirituality/religion and unity links between all religion. I studied psychology and western literature in university so I have always wanted to understand the power of the mind and love the story of the hero/mythos.

In my teen's and 20's I suffered from depression, suicidal thinking, grief from having been an adoptee that silently ailed me. By the time I turned 25 yrs old I hit the wall in life with my thinking patterns which caused deep despair within me which I could no longer ignore. This was my first awakening. I began seeking. For years prior I had been technically a healthy person in Western standards which meant I was extremely fit, had been athlete growing up, worked as a fitness professional, rarely ever got sick, ate very well (organic), took supplements (no meds), was holistic, hiked, did yoga asana, kundalini yoga, went to church every Sunday, did psycho therapy, read self help books, did workshops, seminars, traveled, was attractive, intelligent, etc yet I still felt miserable, hypersensitive to others energy + behavior, suppressed, depressed, unhappy, frustrated, angry with life which made me feel like a fraud in the health + fitness industry. I was unstable mentally, emotionally and starving for deep connection that was greater than myself. I looked amazing on the outside but was a nightmare on the inside and didn't want anyone to know.

Luckily I took personal responsibility in my happiness and mind health by learning vedic meditation. The practice began to work immediately in the first week of the 4-day course. I, also, suffered from insomnia only sleeping 3 hrs every night and in the first week of meditating I was sleeping 6 hrs. The first year of meditating my depression and suicidal thinking was lifting. I was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After I experienced such profound personal inner healing the rest was history and never stopped the practice. I knew I wanted to become a teacher of this magical, self healing practice and offer the practice to those who were suffering like me and willing to leap into the unknown.

I changed my entire life through the practice. I healed myself by showing up twice a day, everyday even if I didn't want to or thought it was working or couldn't see that it was working in moments. I never gave up on myself, creating my own inner happiness and living the life I knew I was meant to live. I had an iron will and was a bit of a warrior from having been a competitive athlete growing up. I moved through my grief of adoption, dissolved my depression, suicidal thinking, let go of lack mentality, fear and so many of my stories that blocked me from love and living life fully.

I invested my energy, time, money towards growth, transformation, wisdom, knowledge and expansion. I excelled in the practice by doing every advanced technique, all advanced knowledge courses, learning about the mind/body connection, traveling to India to learn and then living with my Guru for 7 years. I dove deep and swam the ocean of consciousness. I traveled the world sitting in hundreds of lectures, organizing retreats, courses, observing the nature of the development of an individual as well as a spiritual community. I basically reinvented myself through time, dedication and devotion to my practice. I look back with the deepest gratitude that I said, "Yes" to something I had no idea about, walked through fear and did it 200%.

Prior to becoming a teacher I was a stay at home mom for 4 years raising my son + 4 teenage step children. I became a teacher of Vedic Meditation + Sattva Yoga (Himalayan Tantric Tradition) more than five years ago. When I launched into my path of teaching Vedic Meditation I had also entered into the world as a single mother which wasn't easy. I literally came to Boulder with nothing. I moved to Boulder 4 1/2 years ago and knew 3 people . When I landed in Colorado I had a huge amount of debt to pull myself out of yet that never stopped me from doing what I loved. I began teaching out my house and renting spaces around town to teach what I loved. I really began building community from zilch. It was a fresh start to absolutely everything for me.

A year and half ago I spontaneously stumbled upon this amazing location in downtown Boulder on east Pearl St near some of the coolest shops in town and best coffeeshop, Boxcar/Cured. The space called to me cause I definitely wasn't looking for one nor did I desire all the overhead but as I teach, "Nature always knows best how to organize".  The space fell into my lap right before leaving on a month long India retreat.  I managed to sign a lease 5 weeks before opening the doors, travel to India for 4 weeks, designed all the meditation cushions in India, made the space beautiful and pulled everything together to run a business in a week when I returned.  At the time I partnered with one of vedic meditation students, Victoria Larkins, who helped me get off the ground.  I am now running the business solo. 

It has been a whirlwind of learning so much, building incredible community,  bringing awareness to many about the deep importance of mental/mind health, offering many of the signature offering '4-day intro to vedic meditation courses, a wide range of conscious living workshops, kirtans, presenting/gifting vedic meditation at an Oscar nominee event in LA, hosting photoshoots, yoga journal cover shoots and people from all over the world in the space.  It's been a wild ride and we will see what the future beholds.  What I do know is I am so passionate about bringing balance, wellness to the mind/body (emotional, mental, physical, social, spiritual) and truly normalizing enlightenment to people like you and me. I believe the only way the world can truly change is by going within and doing the inner work that will change this outer world. Expanding the collective state of consciousness is the only way it will happen. 

May those of us who have learned to stabilize in our practices bring the light to those who are suffering. May we uplift one another and create environments for all to thrive in. May we learn to take care of our own inner environments and structure so that we can truly reflect health to Mother Earth. May we all live enlightened and model off the characteristics of pure consciousness.