Ayurveda: The Sacred Science of Healing and Higher Consciousness
Wednesday, July 17, 7:30-8:30p

Gain an insight into ways to enliven and intervene with the subtle aspects of the human physiology that are the root foundations of health. This is where profound prevention, treatment and biological intervention occurs. You will learn to easily and seamlessly incorporate simple and powerful practices that you will actually enjoy doing! Techniques that give you the power to initiate potent healing mechanisms within your body. Regardless of what is your understanding of Ayurveda, unfamiliar or advanced, this workshop will reveal a fascinating window into this body of knowledge and its power to deliver balance in modern life.


Ayurveda Pulse Diagnosis + Self-Pulse Therapy
Saturday, July 20, 11:30-1:30p

Therapy Pulse diagnosis, a healing art and science, is a most refined, accurate and comprehensive diagnostic tool employed to figure out where any imbalance exists in the body, and what the nature of the imbalance is.

There are many methods of pulse diagnosis all over the world…

The good news is, the Pulse Diagnosis method that Ayurvedic practitioner Dylan Smith teaches is one of the easiest and effective methods out there which is objective and logical.

This method was passed down by Dylan's teachers, internationally renowned masters of Ayurveda and Pulse Diagnosis, the Raju family.

Dylan will initiate you into tools and practices for you to begin to use pulse on yourself (self-pulse) and on other people. Pulse isn't only for diagnosis...

Feeling the pulse itself is a therapy as it connects the physiology with the underlying source of consciousness. This immediately puts the client (or yourself) in the present moment. Learning this method of pulse also promotes you to develop super subtle sensory perception, which essentially enhances your overall approach to healing, whether it be on yourself, communicating with another person or treating a client.

Sacred Woman's Health
Sunday, July 21, 11:30-1:30p 

Why is a young man like Dylan so interested and passionate about women's health?

Because that is the foundational opportunity for the best preventive medicine. If we can optimise the female reproductive system, that future human being brought into the world will have optimal health throughout their long life.

Dylan will be sharing why menstruation is the greatest gift to a woman, conscious conception, pregnancy, post-natal regimen, menopause, balancing the hormonal web, rituals and actions and more to enliven the cosmic creative potential (shakti) for radiant energy levels and to honour the sanctity of feminine energy.


Dylan Smith is the founder, director and a certified practitioner at Vital Veda, based in Sydney, Australia where he treats and consults from.

Dylan regularly travels to Melbourne to treat and lecture, visits India annually and visits Europe and the UK in their summer.

Dylan is devoted to learning, sharing and radiating this ancient knowledge for everyone to utilise and enjoy, to experience total wellness and bliss.

A Passion for Treating

The most important aspect when treating a patient is the physician (Vaidya/Bhishek).

Next in importance is the herbs (dravya), then the staff/helpers (upastata), then the patient (rogi) (their ability to surrender and adhere to the treatment plan).

This is a core Ayurvedic principle and one that I appreciate and experience.

What makes a treatment effective and profoundly change the physiology at a deep level with lasting effects is the energy, attention, purity and flow of consciousness from the physician ("Sattvic Soma").

I love exchanging my "Sattvic Soma" with clients and witnessing profound change, from subtle to gross, in their health, wellbeing and vitality.

A Passion for Education

As well as offering consultations and a diverse range of unique body therapies, Dylan's passion is to share the precious and highly relevant knowledge of Ayurveda and holistic health via the various learning resources on the Vital Veda website.

He also lectures and hosts workshops across the globe.

Dylan teaches more in-depth courses and programs for those who want to go deeper into the knowledge. He lectures on Ayurveda as part of a college in Australia and offers private intution and takes on interns, online and in-person.