To ensure that this teaching is made available to all, payment programs are available as long as you are in good faith and it is based on your highest integrity .

If you are a single parent, unemployed , senior citizen, disabled, terminally ill, veteran soldier, financially supported by someone, yearly income is less than $50,000/yr, etc would qualify for this option.

Please inquire through email :, Subject: VM Course Payment Program.

  • Course investment fee - $1008

  • Full-Time student 16-23 yrs old - $600
    with student ID (under 18 yrs old needs permission from parents to learn)

  • Kids 11-16 yrs old - $200

  • Young children 3-10 yrs old - Free (Their offering is to draw a picture to be given to the teacher on the day of receiving their mantra - word of wisdom) .

2 Day Course - 1 hr session each day (requirement - 1 parent is a practicing Vedic Meditator)

Private Courses

  • Private Course Fee ( Colorado local 50 mile radius) - $2200

  • Private Course Fee (travel) - $4000 + all expenses paid (additional people added to the course $1500/person)

    Please inquire through email :, Subject: Private VM Course

 With your course fee you receive a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP + Support

 Course Fee/Investment Includes:

After taking the ' Intro to Vedic Meditation Course' and investing in a one time course fee you receive a lifetime membership.

  • Meaning you are able to sit in the 'Intro to Vedic Meditation Course' for free to refresh whenever it is being offered.

  • This also means you are able to sit in any accredited Vedic Meditation teachers 'Intro to Vedic Meditation Course', group meditation + knowledge meetings worldwide.

  • One 'Follow-Up Hour Session' with Yashoda weeks after your course.

  • Free weekly Wednesday night 1 hour Group Meditations + Tune-up questions at The Subtle Mind

  • 1 or 2 monthly two hour Sunday night Community, tea, group meditation + knowledge meeting at The Subtle Mind ( if you can’t make it we ‘Facebook live’ it)

  • Traveling, aren’t local to Boulder, Co we have you covered with weekly ‘Facebook live’ Wednesday Group Meditation + Tune Up Q’s &

    1 or 2 Sunday’s a month Group Med + Advanced Knowledge Meetings on a private Facebook page

  • Private online community page for connection, updates, events, information + inspiration

  • Weekly newsletter from The Subtle Mind