a sacred space to activate + awaken both the subtle mind + body

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love from the community

"SBTL is an inclusive community that has come to serve as my favorite 'touchpoint' for immense personal growth and expansion. I'd long believed I had to travel across the world or live in a cave to gain the type of insights that would really shift my state of being-- luckily, my 'cave' is right on Pearl Street. Their ability to translate ancient (timeless) wisdom into a modern context is truly first class."


"The Subtle Mind is a transformational space. Every time I go to a workshop or event here, I leave feeling completely refreshed and with a full heart. The Subtle Mind feels like a second home and is my favorite place to gather with community. It is unlike any other place in Boulder and is truly a gem in our town."





Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation is an effortless mantra (sound/vibration) based technique for people who are of this world living modern everyday lives. This simple technique causes the mind to naturally de-excite leading the body to experience deep rest. Result: you become more adaptable. 

offerings + EVENTS

New + Full Moon Sattva Yoga Ceremony, Sattva Yoga, Kundalini + Meditation, Mysore morning practice, Singing Circles, Katie Wise kirtan, Asana, Crystal Facials, Reiki, Intention Setting Circles, Special Events, etc.


Our bright, exposed-brick 1,250 square-foot space on Pearl Street is available for hourly and full-day rentals.

 Perfect for Photo Shoots or Private Events.